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"There is great pleasure in operating Lionel® and Lionel® compatible toy trains and accessories!"

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Regular Membership (RM) is open to all operators of Lionel® trains and accessories. The fee to become a regular member is $41.00 ($35 dues plus an initiation fee of $6) for a one year membership or $74.00 ($68 two years of dues + $6 initiation fee.).
Junior Membership (JM) is open to all operators of Lionel trains and accessories who are 17 years old or younger. The fee to become a junior member is $21 ($18 dues plus and initiation fee of $3) for a one year membership or $37 ($34 for two years dues plus a $3 one-time initiation fee.

Family Membership (FM) is for the spouse and children (22 years old or younger) of Regular Members. The fee to become a family member is $15 ($12 dues plus a $3 initiation fee for a one year membership or $25 ($22 dues plus a $3 initiation fee for two years. Note: Your spouse and/or children do not have to be LOTS members to attend the annual convention with an RM member.

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Regular and Junior members receive all club publications. Although, neither Junior nor Family members are entitled to vote on club issues, they may purchase all LOTS convention cars and other commemorative issues.

A separate application form is required for each individual applying for membership.
Each LOTS member receives a printed membership card.
For further information, or if you have any questions, please contact the LOTS Business Office at:
        lotsbusinessoffice at gmail.com (To avoid receiving so much spam, the "at" should be @ )