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"There is great pleasure in operating Lionel® and Lionel® compatible toy trains and accessories!"

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Please note: A separate application must be submitted for each individual applying for membership. Please read the club history and information to determine the membership class for which you are eligible. Check the type of membership being sought and remit the Initiation Fee plus Dues (and the postal surcharge, if applicable) required for your membership class. Your membership will be paid for twelve or twenty-four months(see below) from the last day of the month you become a member. Note: Most New Members are RM or JM Members, if you want your spouse/significant other or child to join with you as an FM Member $15, please note your request in the comments box below. By sending this application to the business office of LOTS for processing, each applicant agrees to abide by the club's Constitution and Administrative By-Laws.  Payments in excess of required amount are gratefully accepted as a donation. If you want to make a donation, please specify the amount in the comments field at the bottom of this page.

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