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Denver Southeast Model Train Show Registration
Printable version of the Registration Form is available:
 Go to printable registration.

       NOTE:  Please answer all questions completely. 
 A response is needed for each question. Please type n/a, if the question is not applicable. 


L.O.T.S. Member Number:






Daytime Telephone Number:

Cellular Telephone Number:

If you are not a Member of LOTS, please type: Non-Member

E-mail Address:

Date and approximate time that you will arrive to set up:

Brief description of the items you will be selling and Business Name, if any.

Special Request (table location or other need):

Will you have a Cargo Trailer?

Do you have a Colorado Sales Tax Number?

If yes, please list the number:

If yes, please list size.

If no, do you agree to collect tax and remit the tax as instructed by LOTS?

Tables (8' x 30"):  $30 1st Table $25 each table thereafter.         

Number of Tables Needed:

Do you need electricity?

Type of Payment:

Credit Card Number:

Expiration Date:

$50 Fee for Electricity

CVV Code (Last Three Digits on the signature panel on the back of the card):

Billing Address:

Cardholder's Name:

By submitting the information completed above, I authorize LOTS to charge my credit card for the total of the fees selected. No refunds for tables will be issued.

Reminder:  Before clicking submit, please make sure you have answered all of the questions. If the question does not apply, please type: n/a.  Your credit card will not be charged automatically. Each registration is processed manually on a weekly basis.