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2017 D&RGW Ore Cars Set

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  The Colorado Silver Boom was a dramatic expansionist period of silver mining and narrow gauge railroad activity in the late 19th century. The boom started in 1879 with the discovery of silver in Leadville, CO. Over 82 million dollars worth of silver was mined during the period, making it the second great mineral boom in the state, and coming twenty years after the earlier and shorter Colorado Gold Rush of 1859. Horace Tabor made (and lost) a fortune in the silver mines during Leadville, Colorado's boom days, becoming one of the most famous of the Colorado Silver Kings. Although Tabor's first silver discovery wasn't the Matchless Mine, its story remains as one of the most famously documented tales about the Silver King's mines in the entire country.
   To commemorate the Colorado Silver Boom and our visit to Leadville during our 38th Annual Convention, LOTS is proud to offer a set of Lionel manufactured D&RGW "Matchless Mine" Ore Cars. The O-Gauge ore cars feature die-cast sprung trucks, operating couplers, a simulated silver load, and are 6 5/8" long. The ore cars are being offered as a set (two separate numbers, limited to three sets per Member) for $110 plus S/H on a First Come, First Served basis. Only 300 sets of cars will be produced. Anticipated delivery: December 2017. A postcard will be sent notifying you of the exact date of shipping after we receive the cars from Lionel.

Deadline to Order: First Come, First Served!

Anticipated Shipping: December 2017

A shipping notice will be sent to you approximately 10 days before the cars depart the station in Cincinnati. If you move after placing your order, please notify us of your new address sooner than later!

Order now before they are GONE!

$110.00 per set plus shipping and handling ($13 - 1 set)

SPECIAL OFFER - Order one or more Ore Car Sets and purchase any of the following cars... V&T Mint Car, Porter Boxcar, Edelweiss Beer Car or Zephyr Boxcar ...... for $60 each.  All cars purchased with this offer, other than the Ore Cars will ship 5-7 business days after your order is processed. You must order an Ore Car set for the discount to apply.

        Click this link to: Order your D&RGW Ore Cars Today!