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LOTS' annual conventions are scheduled in a different part of the country each year as close to July 15 as possible.  Ideally, annual conventions should feature operating layouts, toy train videos, modeling contests, clinics, table sales of Lionel trains (swap meet), member layout tours, a Lionel L.L.C. seminar and display of new product, and special excursion trips.

L.O.T.S. strives to hold regional train meets each year in addition to the annual convention. Ideally, regional LOTS meets should feature operating layouts, table sales of Lionel trains, toy train videos, modeling contests and clinics. Club meets shall be open to the public to ensure broad exposure to the pleasure of operating toy trains.
Although LOTS is to remain a national club and shall not be subdivided into formal divisions or chapters (see Article II, Section 3, of the Constitution), LOTS members are encouraged to develop informal local operating groups to promote the enjoyment of operating and collecting Lionel and compatible trains and accessories. Such operating groups may, for example, build and operate modular layouts; run trains on each other's layouts; or meet periodically to share their knowledge regarding any aspect of operating Lionel and compatible trains and accessories. Local operating groups are encouraged to submit periodic reports to the Switcher Editor in the interest of sharing their knowledge, experience and layout construction tips with all LOTS members. Local operating groups also are encouraged to sponsor regional LOTS train meets.  Host a meet today!
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