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"There is great pleasure in operating Lionel® and Lionel® compatible toy trains and accessories!"

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LOTS Elected and Appointed Officials

Listed below are the current officers, directors and other officials who volunteer their time and expertise to the membership of LOTS. 


Phil Howe, President (pshowe1022 at gmail.com)
Pete Slater, Vice President (p81755 at aol.com)
Ralph Knelly, Secretary/Treasurer (rsktrains at verizon.net)


Larry Smith, Chairman (larry.smith0202 at gmail.com)
Phil Howe, President (same as above)
Ed Mazur, Past President (emazur231 at aol.com)
John Miller, At Large (dr.john.miller at ns.sympatico.ca )
Steve Witherspoon, At Large (s.witherspo at att.net)

Appointed Officials

Paula Smith, Business Manager (lotsbusinessoffice at gmail.com)
Scott C. Kuntz, Club Counsel (scktrains at aol.com)
Larry Smith, Graphics Design/Special Projects Manager (larry.smith0202 at gmail.com
Mike Solly, Elections Comm Chairman (trainman52 at verizon.net)
Paula Smith, Roster Editor (lotsbusinessoffice at gmail.com)
Ralph Spoettle, SWITCHER Editor (threerailguy at hotmail.com)
Paula and Larry Smith, Website Managers (same as above)
Mike Solly, Librarian, (trainman52 at verizon.net)