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2015 Chicago Great Western flatcar with
Edelweiss Beer Trailers

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   In the mid-19th century, Chicagoans worked hard and frolicked with their families in spots like Riverview Park that also served as beer gardens. Germans, in particular, demanded quality brews to wash down their sausages. Among Chicago's most famous breweries, the Schoenhofen Brewery (some of the original buildings still standing at 18th and Canalport date from 18961902) turned out the popular Edelweiss beer for Chicagoans. Designed by Hugh Garden and built in 1902, the brewery sat on a natural spring, which supplied the water for its brews. In 1910, at maximum capacity, the brewery produced 1,200,000 barrels of beer a year. During Prohibition, the company continued to make near beer under an L Permit from the federal government, though it had its assets seized under the Trading with the Enemy Act. It survived Prohibition in part by turning to soft drinks such as Green River.

   LOTS is proud to offer a Chicago Great Western flatcar with stunning Edelweiss Beer piggy-back trailers commemorating the local Chicago family business that survived hard times. 

   The traditional O-Gauge all-Lionel manufactured flatcar is 11" long, will operate on O-27 curves and features die-cast metal sprung trucks, operating couplers, metal brake wheel and brackets. $74 each; plus S & H.  

Shipping date: 3 - 5 business days from the date your order is processed.

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$74 each plus S&H

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