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LOTS 2018 Convention Registration
Printable version of the LOTS 2018 convention registration for members who want to mail or fax a completed registration is available.               Go to printable registration.

       Child's Ticket Price are for ages 2 - 12 years - old. Please register accordingly! 
 Unless noted, a response is needed for each question. 
Please type N/A, if the item is not applicable to you or you don't know. 


L.O.T.S. Member Number:



City, State & Zip:

Daytime Telephone Number:

2/10/18 - Tour Availability -

All Tours/Activities are still available.

E-mail Address:

Please list the date, the approximate time that you will arrive at the hotel and if you will arrive by car, airplane or train:

First & last names of each person who will be attending.
Please include the name of the member registering. Please list all children's ages by their names. 
                If you are not attending , please type Not Attending.

Registration Fee: $55.00 One fee covers the Member, spouse or companion (Total 2 Adults), all family members under 18 and includes one set of registration gifts. The Registration Fee must be paid to participate in the Convention. Only one Registration is allowed per Member. If you will not be coming to the Convention, please register as a "not-attending" member. Registration gifts will be mailed to you. If you just want to order a shirt, please call 513-598-8240 for instructions.

Guest/Extended Family or Friends (over 18 years of age)Registration Fee: $10  Guests will not receive the free 2018 Registration Gifts, but they will have free access to the Train Show and are welcome to go on the Tours with the registered Member.  

Tour #1: Marty Fitzhenry and Marty Visnick's Layouts and Collection
            Sunday, July 8         
Adults $35.00 and Children $25.00  



Tour #2: Portsmouth Harbor Cruise, Foster's Clambake and Seashore Trolley Museum              Monday, July 9                    Adults $110.00 and Children $90.00



Lunch Selection Tour #2: Please list/choose Chicken, Lobster or Veggie for each person going on the tour. ie: 1 Veggie and 1 Lobster - 2 people

Tour #3: Lowell National Historic Park, Streetcar Museum and Budweiser Brewery                          Tuesday, July 10          Adults $85.00 and Children $60.00



Tour #4:  Mount Washington Cog Railway, Conway Scenic Railroad                                    Wednesday, July 11      Adults $155.00 and Children $125.00 



Lunch Selection Tour #4: Please list/choose Turkey, Ham or Veggie for each person going on the tour. ie: 1 Turkey and 2 Ham - 3 people

Tour #5: Flying Yankee, Loon Mountain & Clark's Trading Post
Thursday, July 12
     Adults $95.00 and Children $75.00 



Tour #7: Get Acquainted Party - Millyard Museum and SEE Science Center
Thursday, July 12 
     Adults $58.00 and Children $38.00 



Tour #6: Home Layout Tour
Friday, July 13 
     Adults $45.00 and Children $25.00 



Banquet Dinner: Grand Banquet - Buffet Meal
Saturday Evening, July 14, 2018     Adults: $65.00  Children $35.00



2018 Convention Merchandise:

Embroidered Polo Shirt (Navy Blue Short Sleeved Golf Shirt with Convention logo):
Without a Pocket:  Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, 2XL and 3XL  $27 each
               With a Pocket: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, 2XL and 3XL    $32 each
Please list the size you want to order, whether or not you want a pocket and the quantity of each size in the box below. 
                ie 1 Polo Shirt, w/ pocket, size L and 1 Polo Shirt, no pocket size 3XL = $55.00
             If no shirts are ordered.....please type .... No Shirts Needed.

Hard Plastic Engraved Name Badge:

Please list the exact name that you want on the badge:

Manchester, NH '18 Name Badge Bar/Dangle:

Payment: LOTS accepts Visa, MasterCard and Discover. Your credit card will not be charged automatically. Each registration is manually processed upon verification of a valid, dues current membership in LOTS.

Type of Payment:

Credit Card Number:

Expiration Date:

Last Three Digits on the signature panel on the back of the card:

I would like to volunteer at the convention helping with Registration, Tours, Selling Raffle Tickets, Working at the Booth, Door Admission and Modular Layout during the Train Show. Please sign me up!  This field is not a mandatory field.

Credit card billing address with zip:

Reminder:  Before clicking submit, please make sure you have answered all of the questions and be sure not to use the scroll wheel on your mouse, you will accidentally change the quantities. Please, double check your quantities! Your credit card will not be charged automatically. Each registration is manually processed upon verification of a valid, dues current membership in LOTS.

By submitting the information completed above, I authorize LOTS to charge my credit card for the total of the fees selected.

For Office Use Only - Please do not uncheck this box : )