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Zephyr Car Cropped

   To combat the Economic Depression of the 1930's and convince riders that better days were ahead, the CB&Q introduced the first Zephyr train in 1934. This shovel-nosed stainless steel beauty was immediately dubbed the "Silver Streak" and completed its inaugural run from Denver to Chicago in just 13 hours (a trip that contemporary Burlington trains completed in 25 hours). As a testament to its success, the first Zephyr (later dubbed the "Pioneer Zephyr") is now a focal point at Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry. To promote its Zephyr trains, the Burlington might have created the stunning boxcar LOTS now offers to serve as a baggage car and promote the Zephyrs on other Burlington passenger routes. 

   This highly collectible Standard O Scale size double-sheathed boxcar is 11-1/2" long and features opening doors, die-cast sprung trucks and operating couplers, simulated wood-sheathed exterior, steam era fishbelly-style underframe with separately applied metal details, and operates on O-31 and larger curves.  

Shipping date: 5-7 business days from the date your order is processed.

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$73 each plus S&H and Sales Tax to cars shipped to Ohio.

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