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2014 Porter Locomotive Parts Boxcar

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   H. K. Porter, Inc. traces its roots to 1866 when it built its first steam locomotive. Between 1866 and 1950, Porter built almost 8,000 locomotives making it the largest manufacturer of industrial locomotives and 3rd largest US manufacturer overall. Based in Pittsburgh, Porter was known for its customizable designs and interchangeable parts that were often available "off-the-shelf" to meet customer's emergency needs. Porter's rugged locos were shipped all over the world and are often found at the head of modern tourist trains.   This highly collectible Standard O Scale size double-sheathed boxcar is 11-1/2" long and features opening doors, die-cast sprung trucks and operating couplers, simulated wood-sheathed exterior, steam era fishbelly-style underframe with separately applied metal details, and operates on O-31 and larger curves. 

1st Come, 1st Served! - Delivery: 3 - 5 days from the date of purchase.

$72 each plus shipping/handling

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